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Villa Re David

Welcome To The Classic Cats Homepage. We're glad you found us , and come back often , as we update
on a regular basis. Feel free to browse around at our schedule , our photos , and our other pages . Dont forget to bookmark us , and Sign the GuestBook.
Thanx for stopping by ,
the Cats


Q:Why do bands need a bass-player?

A: Seriously , Why ? !

Ok , so....The Cats would like to thank everyone who's supported and partied with us over the last 17 years. We made some great music and some greater friends.

We're gonna miss you all. Some of y'all have become sort of like family , and until I get something new going , I guess I won't see ya.

So , from Ross , Dwayne and me...Jeff. Thanks for the memories......and if ya know someone lookin' for a singer - lead-player - bassist - front kinda guy....lemme know.

Thanks again from all of us.....The Cats*

Stay in touch !

ADMIT IT.................. You have tie-dyed shirts and a pet rock stashed away in your closet , and you cant wait for an excuse to drag 'em out...... But that's okay..That stuff is coming back in. So's the music. That's where we come in. We're the Classic Cats , and , you can tell by the name that we were around during the Classic Rock era. This stuff is just never gonna go away. Too many people love it . Now there's a whole new generation of rock & rollers discovering your music , and that's okay , too. Come on out and party with us , and if you wear your old bell-bottoms or your Grateful Dead t-shirt , nobody's gonna mind.......Far-Out....The Cats.

Do we make you horny , Baby ?